When You Should Contact A Lawyer After A Car Accident

Imagine driving around the neighborhood in your vintage muscle car when another vehicle suddenly collides with yours. In a matter of seconds, you are devastated by the damage to your precious vehicle, and your neck suddenly feels painful to move. What do you do next?

Getting involved in a car crash is never a pleasant experience, but you must remain calm and collected during this time. Doing so helps ensure you will be rightfully compensated for the damages and physical injuries that you sustained.

To Call Or Not To Call A Lawyer?

As this situation happens so quickly, it can be confusing whether it is necessary to contact a lawyer immediately after an accident. Even if you or a loved one were partly to blame for the car crash, you should not hesitate to call a car accident lawyer.

Benefits Of Legal Expert

Here are the three main benefits of calling a legal expert immediately after an auto accident:

Expert skills and knowledge: A car accident lawyer knows the personal injury and traffic laws of the state where the road mishap occurred. A reputable attorney specializing in auto accident cases is the best authority that can advise you on the next steps you should take.

what to do after a car accident

Legal representation: After an accident, you should be focusing on recovering from physical pain and trauma. The last thing you will want to do is file paperwork for legal claims, or talk to insurance company representatives. Hiring a car accident lawyer means you have a licensed professional to represent you from start to finish. If you need personal injury law assistance in Texas, click here for more details.

Contingency fee basis only: Many people worry that they do not have the money to hire a good lawyer after an accident. It is possible to hire an attorney without shelling out money – look for a law firm that offers legal services on a contingency fee basis only. It means you only pay the lawyer a certain fee or percentage of the compensation from your claims.

When To Call A Lawyer After A Car Accident

Not all road mishaps warrant the services of a lawyer. For example, if there were no injuries sustained (after a thorough medical assessment), or the potential claims recovery is minimal (from damage to a low-value car), it may be better not to hire legal representation. However, there are several cases when you should immediately call an attorney after figuring out an auto accident:

You Sustained Serious Injuries That Require Long-Term Care

Major vehicle collisions can result in severe injuries and even death. If you or a loved one sustained injuries that require long-term or permanent care, you need to speak to a car accident lawyer immediately. Broken bones, whiplash, or injuries to the joints may cause severe pain that prevents you from functioning normally, preventing you from earning a living as you did earlier

what to do after a car accident

An auto accident attorney will help hold the other party accountable for the costs of your medical treatments. Even if you are not sure how serious your injuries are, a personal injury lawyer can help you find the right medical specialists to assess and determine the just compensation you need.

There Is Significant Damage To Your Car

A skilled car accident lawyer is your best ally when negotiating settlements for the damage incurred to your property. Whether the at-fault party has insurance coverage or not, they are obliged to pay for the damages to your vehicle.

You Are Offered Insufficient Compensation

Insurance companies will attempt to settle the claim as quickly as possible. They may also try their best to avoid paying for the full costs of injuries and damages. Car accident attorneys know how to deal with insurance company adjusters to prevent them from offering you a low-ball settlement.

You Are Blamed For The Accident

It is inevitable that the other party, or the insurance company, will try to put the blame for the accident on you. It is one of the reasons you need an expert legal counsel to represent you and advocate for your rights. A lawyer specializing in traffic laws and personal injury will assess and review the facts about the crash scene to determine the real party at-fault for the accident. Hiring a reliable and reputable attorney will help you establish liability for the car crash and file a legal case against the other party.


When in doubt whether you should hire a lawyer or not after a car accident, take the safe route and consult with a legal counsel specializing in personal injuries from auto accidents. Most law firms offer an initial consultation at no cost. Hence, there is no harm or expense in meeting with a legal expert that may help you get the best compensation for property damages and personal injuries.